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Before internet, it was enough with «something to say» and «the right moment» through the «optimal channel» and people would listen and react. Now it is about the customer forming part of the creation of your message or campaign or product and therefore it has been more importance than ever to listen and interact with your audience.

This post is about marketing, Digital Marketing and reflexions on how to work with content. If you want to follow a person that knows a lot about this, don’t miss @pineti .

First some basics on publicity good to have in the back when talking about digital marketing


  1. support (the technology)
  2. format (in what way you communicate)
  3. the audience (for whom we do it)
  4. measurement (report)

What has changed from the 20th century and the 21st century?

  1. we went from running a monologue to «everybody talks»
  2. we went  from working with temporal campaigns to «the consumer decides»
  3. we went from territorial thinking to universal focus
  4. we went from restricted communication (we decided) to accessible (by everybody)
  5. we went from static to viral
  6. we went from we control to we don`t control
  7. we went from a need to a «will» (the need is not forced, it generates the will to do something)

All this requires that we change our ways of working with marketing, online and offline. The line in-between these two becomes more and more blurred. The brands have to «propose» their offering and messages and the consumer «has the decision», the «will» to buy in to the messages. The proposal is done via content (e.g.Coca-Cola giving happiness in physical places in such way that it viralizes). If the audience start to «like» what they see they will be the ones to «move» the brand.

When working with digital marketing (online marketing), it is more important than ever to build up an attribute record around your brand. There are different ways of doing this but it is clearly the experience around your brand that will make it visible, that will make it viralize, that will make the buyers to «buy in to» your brand values and offering.

The buyer, the audience is changing behavior. Recent research talk about 66% consulting internet before making a purchase. Why do people watch a spot to its full length on internet but not on tv? Because they decide when to see it and it comes as recommended (by somebody you know). The decision is no longer the brands, they can just «propose», it is the consumer that decides when and what. Rubius is an example. People decide what they want to interact with. You must therefore understand what the persons want, before you create the content. It is about enriching the experience

Steps to take when working with digital marketing

  1. You need to change your process – you need to make all the players (agency, production etc) to work towards the need of the customer 
  2. You have to risk to re-create and innovate and it can go wrong
  3. You have to visualize special if you work with targets that are » attitude focused». The target has changed it is not demographic anymore is based on attitude
  4. Captive impact (you «see something but you don´t observe it). Today, you work with multiple devices. Before you only worked with one or few). Now you work 24h with captive impacts
  5. Unite to simplify – you must gather in order to simplify (example google search box)
  6. Be able to import and export info
  7. Change in scale. You must be able to adapt your content, your product to a small audience, to a big audience
  8. The content does not pass around the product. The product pass through the environment/the attribute around the product.
  9. Connect networks. You need to identify them but then you need to connect them.
  10. Search for the «strange thing»
  11. Go against the flow. You will get something if you go against the flow. Something different.
  12. Work with opposite sides. You need to find the balance.
  13. Add yourself to the future – you don’t have to be first but you must touch the future (mobile etc)
  14. Recycle
  15. Be persistent
  16. Imagine the digital world. There is always something in the future – but you must imagine it
  17. Re-invent yourself
  18. Search for the coherent of your brand (intelligent marketing, the stupid marketing, the evil marketing…) dear to search for other areas not always the intelligent marketing


  1. The qualitative flow (you give what you say, not replicate the offline world online, you need qualitative content, a memorable experience and if it is information only what is of utility!
  2. Functionality (short, concise and important for the user. Don`t overdoing it)
  3. Usability
  4. Persuability (AIDA – attention, interest, desire, action is the standard direct marketing matrix but now we talk about AAIADA – attention / action, interest/action, decision/action)
  5. Feedback (search the dialog). There are many ways of doing this.
  6. Loyal customers (the persons want to have variation. Changes, news) but if there is a routine that works, you can’t break it.

the fatal errors

  1. Technology is now a commodity – don`t think it is an easy thing
  2. Be careful with the environment – search for the sensorial part, the emotions not always the rational
  3. Not everybody will understand you – you must believe in what you do but not everybody will

if you are into displays how TO WORK WITH DISPLAY (BANNERS)

There are tools that identify how much you invest in internet display  to see how much the investment is in a country. One example is

It is important to engage. Let the visitor engage with your content but basing it on the fact that «if he wants». That what he does impacts on his experience. (a banner that is interactive based on what you do with it).

Internet helps you segment your audience – they come to you based on the content you make (compared with television for example). Before the audience was not fragmented. Now it is. Which is good because you reach your audience with better quality. But branded content becomes more and more important.

When you work with brand on internet or TV, you need to think of what content adds value for the user. Example (artist creates arts and refers to a webpage where you find more related content. The brand is not visible until the visitors really wants). Work more as a «facilitator» without being a brand, or being so obvious.

This forces that your strategies «pivot» with your consumer in mind and not the other way around. That you know your audience.

We are able to decide on the perceptions. So let’s do it, but let’s do it right!

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