Welcome to the blog of Patricia Polvora

I love the marketing and communication world and I’m dedicating as much time as possible to the online marketing planet, especially what it can do for the non-profit community. My Video CV shows where I come from, my previous work for Ericsson as a Marketing & Communication Professional and my passion for my volunteer work for a non-profit organization; Ericsson Response. Now consulting for Ericsson and driving my own Discovery eCommerce business – Teterum. Apps, channels, Volunteer Programs, Corporate Responsibility, online strategies and technologies are what you will find here. Therefore, my posts normally talk about these kind of areas and I love to keep on the discussion with you. Lets learn!

I would love to share my knowledge with you and learn from you, so why don’t we cooperate and benefit from each other?

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This blog is my private views and entirely my own and may not reflect the views of the company I serve for.


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