Marketing Experiential

Marketing is to create value. Based on this we will try to create an experience. We want to create «emotions». A brand can only create values
a) functional
b) emotional
c) auto-expresion of personality

Experiential marketing is to offer an experience. Previously, the focus was on characteristics of the product and benefits of the product and now we move towards the experience of the product. To work with the process of creating value of the brand. The brand is not only a characteristic it becomes also the «how» you experience this brand.

Experience marketing is not for all the brands but there are certain that have worked this very well and where it makes sense: Coca-Cola, Apple, IKEA.

When you work with positioning and you use product characteristics you can end up in problems with «why» people buy. Do people buy Volvo for the security? today we take for granted that all cares are secure. So what is the experience?

The customer is not passive anymore with the brand. They are active. It is important to understand that there must be a stimuli. They are individual, they are memorable, you have to plan them, design them, program them and deliver them.

You have to create a good feeling!

When you create experiences you need to focus on:

  1. Strategic Experiential Modules (SEM)
    a) sense
    b) feel
    c) think
    d) act
    e) relate

To work with senses

  1. Once done you need to use tools to generate that experience

TO WORK WITH thinking

Example is Apple and Audi. To make people think is also an experience. Intelligent communication.


Cross sourcing. Platform where people create their own coffee, computer etc. Example is Starbucks. People add their ideas and others vote. Personalization of a product is creating an experience.


When you relate to a brand. «Niconistas», Harley Davidson.

MOTS and Touchpoints

Authentic brands don’t emerge from marketing cubicles or advertising agencies. They emerge from everything the company does. If this is the case, you need to work with the touch points of your brand. The core is to identify these touchpoints and work with experiences in these areas.

The MOTS are those points that you need to focus on, the places you can change to create a better experience.

It is said that only 1 out of 10 extremely satisfied verbalize their experiences and 8 of 10 extremely unsatisfied verbalize. Therefore, the positive experience is therefore of great importance. It is said that if you can generate positive prescription (recomendation) that will generate sales.

There are two things to have in mind when you work with a product.

1) to what extent is my product critical for the client in his life
2) differentiation (because if it is different it is hard for the customer to compare with others)

the steps to set up the marketing Experiential

1) set up the plan – visualize all touch points
2) chose a experiential platform
3) identify when you can do an experience (for each touchpoint)

When you work with product development you need to think how to introduce the experience into the product. Example «Old el Paso» – it is an experience

When you work with experiential marketing you need to balance what is our executive and what is our experience. You must know «are they really satisfied»?

First you must manage the offering based on the client, never from the inside (without insight). You must study the

Value (tangible benefits (performance) + intangible benefits (feeling)) / effort (price + inconvenience + uncertainties)

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