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Patricia Polvora as speeker at conferencesI would love to meet you. I would love to sit there infront of you, maybe with a tea in my hand (do you drink coffee?) and chat about visions and ideas. Chat about how social media can make your company become part of the ongoing discussion of your brand? What, that there is no discussion about your brand? When did you check last time? when did you go through Twitter conversations, Facebook pages, 168 0000 000 blogs…I´m not sure that you are not there. Maybe you are right, but maybe we should give it a shot. Give it a try. Maybe you should try to give me the chance to try and maybe we, together, identify where you should be, talking, to your customers. Because you do know that 1 of 4 buyers read blogs to take a decision? and you do know that 60% of the C-level are active on internet? and that 30% of the phones are smartphones and…yes, I´m sure you know, so lets explore how this new world can help you and how you can help others!

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