Volunteering or not – what’s the point?

ImageIn a few hours I will have the pleasure to meet about 30 persons and talk about Corporate Responsibility and volunteering. But not the standard «how do you do it», no, that is said a million of times. I will focus on what you generate, what you manage to create by running a volunteer program in your organization. About «the soul», about the tangible part of volunteering to make words such as «vision», «mission» and «values» understood – more tangible. 

These are the initial questions I will place (and try to answer). How would you answer them? In a few hours I let you know what the response was

Question that questions the action of volunteering within Corporate Responsibility

  1. What is the value of a volunteer program?
  2. Isn’t it only «a cost»?
  3. How do you do this whole thing?
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