Ice Bucket Challenge but with donation (of course)

Ice Bucket Challenge
@carolinaribalta challenged us to participate in the #icebucketchallenge and we could of course not fail such a good cause that right now is being viralized in the world. But there is one thing that we would like to comment: in this challenge you donate (too many people doing the water thing without donating). 
If you don’t know where to donate (this relates to Spain only, each country has its own setup), find these two options. 
  1. Fundación Española para el Fomento de la Investigación de la Esclerosis Lateral Amiotrófica. (
  2. Asociación Española de ELA (
If you don’t know what ELA is, I leave you with a video of a person that can explain what it is – from the top of his heart
It affects only a few – 4.000 in Spain and about 30.000 in US, so few that nobody wants to spend a dollar on investigation. But it is needed because this disease is…there are no words. 
We have accepted the challenge, done the donation and got wet, now we challenge other people that we are sure will take on the challenge.
Valentí Sanjuan (@valentisanjuan)
Merce Sanjuan (@merceyellow)
Esteban Loiácono (@estebanloiacono)
Cecilia Olocco (@ceciliaolocco)
Equipo de Wow Reus  (@wowinreus)
Martin Varsavsky (@martinvars)
Maribel y Jordi Gumbau
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