How to create the elevator pitch – storytelling

How do you catch attention? How do you convince a customer about your fantastic product? How do you present «something» in one minute. These are some easy steps to set up your elevator pitch, your argumentation.

Structure of an elevator pitch

Who am I? Introduce yourself by name (this creates a feeling of talking person-to-person, proximity) and explain what you are expert on (why they should listen). You need to transmit that you talk with knowledge about the area, that you are a person worth listening to.
A good start: «Hi, my name is X and I’m expert in…»

What? You need to explain, clearly what you have discovered/found. What is the «news»?
A good start: We have discovered/detected…(what is the novelty) that makes it possible to…/changes/satisfies…

Why? The customers want this because they are tired of/they are not able to
A good start: We believe that the customer want this because…

Note that there is a difference in-between
– need = «I’m aware of what I lack, I`m shorte on but know that I am short on this»
– lack = «I`m not aware of what I lack»

The argumentation is different in these two different cases. What is your product covering?

Who? Companies/the customers is xx and will perceive this service/product as a way to…
A good start: Companies like yours/companies will perceive this as…

For what? What will the customer use this for, in what cases, in what situation, for what.
A good start: The users will use this to ….

What makes us different? the difference of this service/product (compared with the competitors) is that it…Don’t forget to put emphasis (again if needed) on the key benefits of this product/service
A good start: We believe that the customer will perceive this service as better because it…

Steps when talking about your project

When you present a new project/sell your service/product:

  • The first 3 minutes are «why, what, for whom for what reason». Make sure that the issue/problem of the opportunity is mentioned, who is the target etc). This is to catch attention and to set the scene. 55% of the introduction and catching of the attention is the gesticulation, 38% is tone of voice, speed etc.  (10-15%)
  • How will you do this. First you need to present the conclusion (the goodies), the result. Then you explain how  you came to this conclusion. (75%)
  • For what (the benefit) what can I gain, what you will do (10-15%). The «closure» repeat the conclusion for why and the benefits.


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