Setting up the Marketing Plan – some basics

A Marketing Plan is the document that will describe what you will do in the next year, years or future.

When you set up a plan you must have secure the hygienic factors first:

  • Technical Viability
  • Commercial Viability
  • Economic Viability 

But the most important thing is:

  • how do you guarantee that this project is giving return
  • how much will the return be
  • when do I get the return on the investment

Therefore you need to think about “how to generate entrance barriers” to exclude potential competitors from the market. For this you need to:

  • Competitive Advantages
  • Differentiation

What is a Marketing Plan (1 year)

  • A marketing plan is a “working document”
  • Actions specific to marketing
  • Oriented towards an objective (measurable)
  • A goal is what you are trying to reach
  • An objective is measurable and you have to reach
  • Takes place on a specific scenery
  • Tools to take a decision

Your plan must include:

  1. Identified business opportunities
  2. Describe how to penetrate the market
  3. Defined objectives, strategies
  4. Marketing Mix

The document must be:

  • realistic
  • flexible
  • include the important things
  • participated
  • adapted to the company
  • annual
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